September 23, 2023

Flat Roof Repair and Alternative Flat Roof Uses

flat roofing
Commercial Roof Repair

The top floor is reserved for the brains and the vision and the roof covers all of it. Before you simply hire anyone to repair the roof of your business make sure you are positive the company has qualifications equal to the job.

The investment of your time has been made year after year. Hard work accumulates and your business grows into a strong resilient entity of its own made of papers in file cabinets documenting transactions, offices with employees, and whole floors for lighting and filming or offices for meetings. Everything is under the watchful eye of the owner. Then something unexpected happens.

If you have never had to deal with a situation like this before, you must pay attention to the necessary qualifications a company must have before you trust your business and your roof to anyone.

The most important roof repair company qualification is whether can they physically handle the size of the job. Some companies are eager to compete and seek larger jobs than they can handle. This leads to slower restoration times and mix-ups derived from inexperience that boils down to the ever-mighty dollar, to you. The best way to be sure your choice is the right one is to view the past jobs the company has done.

Make sure your prospective roof repair company choice is familiar with quality eco-friendly materials that recoup the cost of your restoration over time. Any businessman knows that passive income is the best; why not allow your roof repair to become an investment by helping you save on air conditioning? Material choice can reflect back the sun’s rays and cut costs by 50% in some cases.

Let’s say you have already chosen the company you want to work with and you contract them, they fix the problem and it’s done. Great. Assurance in a company lasts as long as the next time you need them. Some companies have been around for five or ten years, but the company that’s been around for twenty or more years is more reliable. When you call on your company you want them to be there otherwise you are back at square one. A company that is available in emergencies around the clock is the best choice.

Make prudent use of your time and set up a plan with your company to inspect your roof to prevent problems through preventative maintenance. When seeking out the best company for your job, make an informed decision.

Flat Roof? New Room!

Ever wanted another room in your house? Feel like you’ve filled up your house and could use just one more space?

Flat roofs are a wonderful use of space. If you have ever lived in a house with a pointed roof, you know. The rooms may have strange angles, an attic, that often may be unusable, and good luck hanging out on that 45-degree angle to catch some sun.

Sometimes you may be confronted with a bad situation, a faulty roof that has started to leak and has to be repaired. The possibilities of a new space in your house can make a pleasure out of this choir.

Flat Roofs

With houses as desirable as ever, and space as desirable, it’s no wonder that the very roof of a building has a value or lack of value. The cost of putting a new flat roof in may seem ridiculous, especially if you have no problems.

To increase the value of your home, consider swapping that pointed roof out for a flat one. With flat roofs, the possibilities open up. Who wouldn’t want another floor in their house?!

Flat Roof Deck

A lot of people make decks on top of their houses and this is a great idea. If you ever want to do this there are some things you have to take into consideration. The roof has to be strong enough to support 55 lbs. a square foot. Decks are often built on top of a frame that sits on the roof to prevent the wear from foot traffic on the deck from equating to damaging foot traffic on the roof.

You should speak with a professional to double-check plans of your own before doing a shoddy job. Check with the city to make sure you are in the clear and not in violation of any requirements.

Roof-top decks are the coolest thing, making your house the party spot for barbecues and gatherings of friends.

Flat Roof Garden

flat roof garden

Surprise your significant other with an amazing and affordable gift that everyone can enjoy.

With the cost of food increasing and the quality becoming questionable at times, why not use your free space on your flat roof to grow the essentials? City-dwellers have figured this out, and you should learn from their experience if considering fixing your roof. Offset the cost of a fix with practical uses for the new space.

Or, amazing rooftop sanctuaries are possible where flowers attract birds and beautiful plants give you a retreat from the unnatural world.


You can’t put on an angled roof. They would never allow that slope on a golf green either. But with flat roofs, you can have a little practice area on the roof of your house. Shave a few strokes off the weekend match.

There is no reason to feel helpless in a situation where you aren’t happy about having to spend money on your roof. Consider these options so you may have instead of a headache, a beautiful new space in your house for all your passions and hobbies.

Flat Roof DIY Fix

Flat roofs were invented to be simpler than more complicated shingles and slate. Unfortunately, if you see a stain on your wall or hear that impending drip from the ceiling, you may have a complication.

If you want to keep your flat roof leak free do preventative maintenance. Take the time to clean off debris and trim your trees back to prevent having to remove debris as often.

Always have a professional install your flat roof; poor installation is a surefire way to have a problem in the future.

Why Do It Myself

Professional help can be expensive, and sometimes the problem is small. This is a good fix I used for a permanent solution. Should you find yourself with a leak you will want rubberized flashing cement. This stuff can be used in dry or wet conditions and is therefore the ultimate emergency fix.

If you should find yourself short on cash and with a little extra time, fixing a leak yourself is a smart choice and can be a permanent fix. Small leaks can lead to big problems. Water can rot a building and cause mold to grow. It’s more prudent to stop the problem so it cannot get worse, at least, until you can afford further restoration.

Here’s How to Do It

Make sure you have a trowel, or other applicators to apply the cement. Get #31 fiberglass membrane and cut a patch to overlap the leak about 7-8 inches to make a good safe seal. Get an old broom to brush off the area. You will also want gloves and safety goggles. Always a good addition!

First, brush off the area. Be sure there is no loose debris so the cement can affix permanently.
Second, apply the cement to the area. You want to fully cover the leak with enough cement until the area is covered a ½ inch thick with cement.
Third, put the fiberglass membrane in the area and imbed it so that the cement comes through the screen-like membrane.
Finally, apply more of the cement generously. Feather the edges of the cement flat with the trowel to make a smooth seal.

Finding the leak may be tough, but the most common place for leaks is around the perimeter of the building, any penetrations in the roof, like pipes, and changes in the flatness, like parapet walls.

This trick works for small leaks but you want to make sure you consult a professional if the problem persists or seems to be big.

Benefits of Flat Roof Design

flat roof benefits

Your house is an investment in the future. When you are considering the purchase you inspect the house’s electrical and plumbing to be sure you have properly investigated the surroundings. Sometimes the most overlooked part of a house may be glossed over when you are simply taken back by its architecture.

Waking up and catching the sun in the morning from the window is a great way to start the day, but what if you could just walk up to a rooftop – heated – patio? The shape of a house is determined in large by its roof. You may think that all houses have pointed roofs, but actually, a current trend is developing of using flat roofs.

The architecture of a flat ceiling lends itself more to geometric “futuristic” house designs that are attractive to new home builders. No longer only for businesses alone, as they are often a practical addition of space to the Sq. Ft of your property, flat roofs are proper under certain prerequisites.

Constructed of an underlayer and a topcoat, with different choices of materials from rubber, asphalt, and other modified bitumen. For information on exactly which type of flat roof to choose contact a roof specialist.

Climate and weather are important factors to consider concerning flat roofs. If you like snow, unfortunately, you will not want a flat-roofed house in the snow. The weight is a problem. This does not prevent you from using this architecture to build window gardens or small side ledges to accommodate potential snow. That could actually turn into a snowball reservoir right outside your window. But who has snowball fights anymore… If you abide by that, you can reap the benefits of a potential new deck space or rooftop garden.

Here’s the best part. They are cheaper than a sloped roof to install and recoat. Depending on what material you choose to build and coat, a flat roof may need to be recoated every 3-4 years. Dry climates will help them last longer, but they can be prepared with decks on top and gardens in a permanent manner.

If you want a distinctive house and would like the added benefits of an easily accessible roof, great views, and additional space, consider a flat roof. Eco-friendly materials can be a great example for others on how to truly manage the space we live in.

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