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Recliner Chairs for Relaxed Office Seating

recliner chair

Working full-time in the office can be a tiring and grueling experience and even becomes more exhausting if the seating arrangement is not comfortable and relaxing. Comfortable chairs are very important for a hectic and long day at work. They are ergonomically designed and, quite a number of times, come with innovative features to offer full-body support.

Keeping the need for comfortable and relaxed seating in the office, recliner office chairs are the best choice. With their wide seats, plush cushions, and easy-to-recline positions, recliner chairs are the best choices for relaxed seating even while working in an office.

Reclining Office Chairs

As evident from the name itself, reclining office chairs have a reclining back and are ideal for individuals with back problems. Another good thing about reclining office chairs is their footrest and armrests that automatically unfold when you recline the back of the chair.

You can easily adjust these chairs to different levels. Reclining office chairs can be adjusted from a slight incline to lying almost flat, depending on the degree of recline. Most offices prefer reclining office chairs because of their ability to adjust and provide employees with the highest level of comfort.

Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair

ergonomic recliner office chair

Apart from normal recliners, ergonomic reclining office chairs are also popular because of their special features. Ergonomic recliners play a prominent part in preventing knee pain, sore shoulders, tension, and backaches by providing the right posture for the spinal cord and arms.

To get added benefits of reclining ergonomic office chairs, it is important that your room is spacious and accommodates the chair well without cramping it.


Reclining chairs come with plenty of features. They include:

  • High back with pillow or headrest
  • Elevated leg rest
  • Heat and vibration
  • Easy to adjust back position with a tension knob

For added comfort, you also have a choice of going for electric riser reclining office chairs. They work with a button and provide all the comfort you need.

Reclining Office Chairs Models

Some common reclining office chair models are the Liza executive reclining chair, Kiri reclining chair, and Billie reclining chair. Materials such as leather, fiber, wood, and fabric are employed for making reclining office chairs.

For office use, people normally prefer fiber and leather reclining chairs. These chairs provide a high level of comfort, are also quite durable, and look attractive in any office setting.


You will find lots of variations in the prices of reclining office chairs. The cost of a normal reclining office chair begins at $1,000. However, there are top-quality reclining office chairs available that can cost you more than $2,000. The price of recliners rises with the number of features they offer. The better the quality and more features, the higher the will cost.

To get a discount, you should check out a number of shops and buy reclining office chairs from an online store rather than a local furniture store. Check out various models of reclining office chairs before deciding on one.

You might get a better and improved model at low costs. Reclining office chairs are great for people who spend their time on computers and sitting in the office and need relaxed seating. Reclining chairs are a luxury and offer comfortable seating all day long.

Maintaining Recliner Chairs

Thanks to their practicality and comfort, recliner chairs are quite famous and are an important part of household furniture. Recliner chairs provide plenty of health benefits. They play a pivotal role in offering a number of health advantages to those suffering from asthma, back pain, and arthritis and offer a relaxing posture. Without occupying too much space, these chairs provide the same kind of comfort that you expect from a bed or sofa for lying down and relaxing.

Recliner chairs are a tremendous way to relax after a hard day in the office. They are a brilliant addition to your bedroom, study room, and living room to be enjoyed while you watch TV or read a book.

However, like any other part of the furniture, recliner chairs also need maintenance and proper looking after. Manufactured in different styles with various materials, recliner chairs are available in a wide selection and can be chosen according to your need and choice.

Making the Most of Recliner Chairs

leather recliner office chair

To ensure you get the maximum comfort from your recliner chairs, they are made with hi-tech efficiency using conventional materials such as hard-wearing fabric, leather, and synthetic material like suede.

You will face no problem maintaining your leather recliner as recliner chairs are made from leather, and the hard-wearing fabric is easy to clean and last for a long time with proper maintenance. In case of spillage and dirty hands, use a damp cloth to wipe; your recliner will be as good as new.

Some Tips on Maintaining Your Recliner Chairs

  • The most important thing regarding the maintenance of your recliner is to know what material has been used in its manufacturing and how it should be taken care of.
  • Two types of leather, finished and unfinished, need proper maintenance to last long.
  • Read the label or the booklet with your chair to know how to take care of your particular model.
  • Leather needs regular cleaning as perspiration and body oils can seep into its surface and cause problems.
  • Dust unfinished leather recliners with a soft cloth weekly to wipe away the dust and grime and condition them with a cleaner specially meant for leather after every 6 months.
  • For unfinished leather, you might need a small amount of soap and water to wash away the spillage or consult a professional.
  • Never use household cleaners and solvents such as furniture polish, ammonia, and nail polish remover to clean your leather recliner, as it will only damage it further and remove the lacquer finish of the seat.
  • Sunlight can cause fading of color, so do not expose your recliner to the sun unless it has been recommended for outdoor use too.
  • Occasionally vacuum your recliner, it will help to remove the dust that has accumulated in the nook and corners of chairs and make it look new

Recliner chairs are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles that range from conventional to modern, with new fabric varieties such as leather, fabric, suede, and other synthetic materials such as vinyl. The maintenance of all these recliners is not the same, and you need to keep this in mind when your buy a recliner.

Recliner chairs made from poor-quality material will not last for a long period. Therefore, it will need more than regular maintenance, and you might also face problems in caring for such a piece. To avoid such a situation, always demand a warranty of at least a year before buying a recliner, this will take care of any serious maintenance issues and help you to seek professional advice whenever needed.

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