Steel Paneled Residential Roof

metal roof panels
Roofing And Environmental Concerns

The need to replace your residential roof can mean spending a good sum of money on getting the project completed. It is a costly concern from many standpoints. The existing roof might be good for another year or two before you start springing leaks. The thing is if it does start leaking it is going to cause interior damage. You might as well look into replacing it now before you find yourself making other unnecessary repairs because of letting the roof go until it leaks.

Maintenance is important when it comes to home ownership. Rising energy costs and building material costs as well as the cost of labor are enough to make you think hard and long about what to do. Trying to keep in line with all the environmental concerns and energy-efficient choices leaves much to consider when it comes time to replace the roof. Our government is offering tax incentive breaks for people who upgrade to energy-efficient materials. This prompted us to look a lot closer at all the roofing options before finally deciding to go with a steel-panel residential roof.

Advantages Of Metal Roof Panels

I already mentioned that there is a tax break for going with some of the metal roofs. The way we are doing it there will be a $1500. credit for our choice. That can be taken at the end of the year. So there is $1,500. to start with.

There will also be a reduction in our homeowners’ insurance policy. Looks like about 80% of all residential insurance claims are directly related to roof damage. The highest roof rating for durability in high winds and hail storms is a 4. That is what we will be using on our roof. So the steel panels will help keep that insurance policy down to a minimum.

The roof will outlast traditional shingle roofing. Our asphalt shingle roof is 12 years old and we have been concerned about leaks for a couple of years though we have not yet had that problem. The steel panels we purchased are guaranteed for 50 years so that tells us this steel roof will last three times longer. Consider that the cost for material and installation runs around $8,000. to $10,000. just by going with the steel, we look to save at least another $20,000. for the durability and longevity of the new steel roof compared to traditional asphalt shingles.

The superior insulating quality of metal vs. shingles is also guaranteed to slash the cost of heating and cooling thus reducing energy consumption. No way to go wrong there and this is what the Government is basing its incentive program on. Steel panels are more energy efficient.

Environmentally Friendly, Steel Panels 100% Recyclable Roofing Material

Metal roofing panels are 100% recyclable so that has got to be icing on the roof cake. When it comes time to put the roof in the trash it can go to the recycling place and be reused. This is a big kicker for me. When I look at the ugly old roof material and imagine those very slowly decaying asphalt shingles that are probably leaching toxins into the soil and the water. I am all for a roof that can be recycled in years to come.

All of the benefits of installing a new steel paneled roof were easy to understand and see without having an engineer’s mind. The town I live in was not yet prepared. This is a first for residential housing. We do not have a single house with a steel paneled roof so the town did not have any ordinances, rules, or regulations to govern what we are doing. They reacted a bit reluctant but decided to get with the groove and let us put up the first energy-efficient steel roof in town.

Three Women Roofing

We are doing the installation ourselves. HUMMM! Our crew consists of three women and a brother who might help out when he is in the mood. The company that manufactures the material has sent several people with advice and much information to help us get this project off the ground… pun intended.

I am by no means a roofer or a carpenter. I am helping with the installation of this roof with my sister and my roommate. I would say that it is not too complicated a task but things have to be carefully measured and considered as we proceed.

That is not to say that this work is easy because it is hard physical labor. My old body hurts from running up and down that ladder and climbing around on a gritty, slanted surface. My elbows hurt from hammering down nails to hold the under sheeting and my palms are raw from the old asphalt shingles chewing up my skin.

I bet I have one hell of a tan next week, for my pain!
Stay tuned for further writings on installing an energy-efficient steel paneled roof for residential housing.

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