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Since you are researching Select Blinds, you are probably pretty web-savvy and use the internet for all sorts of resources, like research, reviews, and discounts. Maybe you are moving and need a bunch of window treatments fast and cheap. Or, you may be upgrading your aluminum blinds to top-down cellular shades and want a quality product at a reasonable price. You may be wondering if Select Blinds is all that those celebrity designers on HGTV and Extreme Makeover say it is.

Select Blinds Selection

Select Blinds tends to offer the basic products that most people are looking for. These are wood blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds, & vertical blinds. They offer honeycomb shades, roman shades, pleated shades, roller shades, sheer shades, and woven shades. You will not find plantation shutters or custom window treatments here.

Just as important as the products offered, are the options offered on those products. This is really where you want to be sure that whatever window treatment you buy is going to function in the best way possible for you. This is also where prices will start to add up and when doing comparison shopping you need to make sure you are comparing the same options.

Options offered – top-down bottom-up, cordless lift system, blackout, continuous cord loop, energy efficiency, privacy, decorative cotton tape, room darkening, motorization, and multiple blinds on one headrail. Not all of these options are available on all of the products. The most notable one is that there is no cordless wood blind or faux wood blind option. You can get motorized wood and faux wood blinds, but no motorization is offered on anything else.

Your Part of the Job with Select Blinds

When you place an order with Select Blinds for custom-cut window treatments, it is your responsibility to provide the correct measurements for the windows. Select Blinds makes this easy by asking you for your window measurement, not the measurement of the blind or shades to be ordered. For inside-mounted products, they will need to be fabricated to a slightly smaller size to ensure smooth movement within the window frame. You don’t really need to worry about this when taking your measurements for orders with Select Blinds.

When measuring for an inside mount you always want to use a steel measuring tape – this will give you the most accurate number. Because many windows are not square and when you place your order, you are giving measurements in 1/8” increments, you need to measure your window 3 times across the width – the top, middle, and bottom; and 3 times across the length – left, middle, and right sides. From these measurements, you will use the smallest one.
In this case, when measuring for an inside mount you would use 46 1/4″ for the width, and 68″ for the length.

You also need to know whether you want an inside mount or an outside mount. This is very important because they use different brackets, and you will need to measure the window differently for each. Basically, an inside mount will be hung inside the framing of the window. This is the most common way to hang blinds and shades. However, the depths of some window frames will not allow you to use an inside mount. In these cases, you will need to use the outside mounts to hang your blinds.

You are also responsible for the color selection. Select Blinds will ship you free color samples on any of their products. Take advantage of this. Color nuances are very hard to see when you are looking at a photograph that is then posted online. Subtleties get lost easily. You want to be sure before investing $$$ in these window treatments, so save yourself some headaches and order the free samples.

Timeline for Delivery

Each individual product has a different manufacturing timeline. Some of the most common and popular products are advertised by Select Blinds as being made in one day – or they are free. Don’t let this sway your decision on which product you want to buy. If you have to wait an additional 4-5 days for something that will be hanging on your windows for years, it is worth it to get exactly what you want and need.

If you read other customer reviews, you will find that many of their customers get frustrated when it comes to the times promised and delivered on. This is a common complaint in this industry and usually relates to how well their customer service department communicates with both the customer and the manufacturer.

Select Blinds Customer Service

Typically when people receive their shades and blinds and have no problems installing them, you will hear nothing from them and they will rate customer service high. When there is a problem, you will hear all about it. This is where you get conflicting Select Blinds reviews.

In general, if you are someone who does not like to deal with measuring, placing orders, following up, installations, and getting issues resolved, then you would highly benefit from hiring an interior decorator to do these things for you. Of course, then the cost will go up, but this is how you are able to save money by ordering window treatments yourself. Select Blinds customer service is average and has a 2 ½ star out of 5-star rating on as of this writing.

Select Blinds Discount

When you visit their website, you will notice all kinds of discounts and free upgrade offers being thrown at you. Most of these are offered most of the time, so don’t feel any pressure to buy based on that. A search for Select Blinds Coupons will return a bunch of 30% off plus free delivery. This offer is usually available directly from the site.

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