When Is It Time For New Windows?

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Little Things Say A Lot!

We often think about how little things say a lot about our family, us as individuals, and us in the workplace. But, how often do you think about what the little things say about your home? For instance, how well is your yard manicured? Is the paint on your home worn or is it in good shape? Then there’s the roof and how it’s covered. Does it have holes in it and falling apart, or did you just get it done so you won’t have any leaks coming through this winter? A well-manicured home says a lot about you and your family.

But, those are the obvious things where your home is concerned. Have you considered and taken a look at your windows? Even if you have a relatively new home, there are things with the windows that may need your attention and may make a big difference where your home, environment, and power bill is concerned.

So, for your consideration, here are some ideas about your windows, for you to think about and consider if they would make a difference in your home.

Cracks and Breaks
old broken window
Yes, cracks and breaks may be obvious for needing replacement, but then again maybe not. Cracked and broken windows can happen for many reasons. Wind storms, trees were blown down and the neighborhood kids play with a ball and it goes through your window at a most unexpected time. All of these things (and more), can cause your window to break or crack and you do need to replace it.

It as we’d say anymore is a ‘no brainier’ but is it really one? Consider will if you have a double-paned window, you may not think a thing about getting the window replaced if only one window broke. I had a neighbor that had this exact situation. One of his windows was broken and the other wasn’t, so why should he replace the window? The answer is simple; double-paned windows are designed as a filter, if you will, to block the extreme temperatures that occur.

Double-paned windows act as a barricade/insulation between you and the outside, not unlike your walls and the insulation that is within them. So, if you were to lose the outside of your wall for whatever reason, you would replace it, you wouldn’t give it a second thought. So, why would you have a window? In most cases, they cost less than the panels on the outside of your home and can save you an incredible amount on your power and heating bills. So, get the window fixed.

What if you don’t have double-paned windows? In most, if not all cases, double-paned windows will add value and support to your home! So, if saving money isn’t a big enough motivator, then consider that your home’s value will increase!

Age and Design
old windows design
How old is your house? If you own an older home, you may need to have the windows replaced because they are worn. This may sound odd to you, but consider that if your home is an older home, it’s probably weather-worn. If you doubt this can happen, consider your car windows for a moment. I live in an area that has severe weather, windstorms, tornadoes, and snow, your windows are going to be pitted and cracked. Very often in the first year, you have the vehicle.

The same is true for your home windows. Your windows and the walls of your home are designed to protect you from the elements outside. This means that they are going to take a beating that was meant for you. It also means that you’re going to need to take care of them and manage them. So, for the value of your home, and your pocketbook, make sure your windows are well-insulated and not weather-beaten.

Your design! One of the simplest things to do for appearance’s sake is to change the type of windows that you have. If you currently have small windows, consider getting picture windows or bay windows. Both will add depth to your room. Things to consider with larger windows: They not only add depth to your home, but they add beauty to it, both inside and out!

Everyone likes a beautiful picture window, so that alone makes the value worth it. Larger windows if they aren’t double-paned, will make a change in your power and heating bill. If this is a concern of yours, make sure that you get thick drapes to offset the newly opened area. Again, this a simple thing, that is relatively inexpensive, and that will add great warmth and value to your home.

A Handful Of Help!

Yes, that’s it, not a lot to overwhelm you, but enough that you can now get started with a facelift for your home. Remember, if you are going to hire a contractor check them out. Check references and the BBB. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out after the fact that the company that you hired is known for the scams that they run on people!

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