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Some additional detriments to installing unfinished hardwoods are: the vapors associated with finishing the floor on site, the reduced number of coats being used as well as the absence of ability to seal the finish with the help of the UV light process. This particular artificial substance serves as the bottom level and it is usually impervious to moisture. For many centuries, hardwood floors are actually gracing magnificent homes through the Deep South to elegant homes of kings & queens.

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Floating signifies that, even though the floor is actually fastened to itself, it is not fastened right down to the subsurface. In this regard, it is incredibly vital that we maintain the flooring of ours on its best condition. The simple fact of the matter would be that maintaining a hardwood floors with a dog is a great deal of work. The glue down method of installing hardwood floors is one of the very first ways of installing hardwood flooring.

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Hardwood flooring is really simple to clean and cannot accumulate a huge amount of debris and dirt that other flooring solutions seem to hide. Hardwood has become even more popular than tile for the floor in residential renovations with brand new, engineered hardwood floors manufacturing steps that expand the usage of woods to the kitchen area, bathroom and basement. These problems could be treated by your local hardwood floor fix professionals.

How to Assemble the Bona Premium Microfiber Mop –

How to assemble the Bona Premium Microfiber Floor Mop Bona

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Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner 22 Fl Oz


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Bona Hardwood Floor Mop Assembly: A Comprehensive Guide


Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your hardwood floors requires proper care and cleaning. One essential tool that can make this task easier is the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this mop is renowned for its superior cleaning ability and ease of use. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on how to assemble and use the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop, along with frequently asked questions and their answers.

I. Unboxing and Preparing the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop:

Upon receiving your Bona Hardwood Floor Mop, it is crucial to unbox it carefully, ensuring that all the components are intact. The package typically includes the mop base, handle, microfiber cleaning pad, and Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Start by removing all the components from the packaging and familiarize yourself with each part.

1. Assembling the Mop Base:

To begin assembling the mop base, locate the two rectangular slots on top of it. These slots are designed to attach to the handle securely. Take the handle and align it with the slots on the mop base, ensuring that it sits firmly in place. Once aligned, push down until you hear a clicking sound, indicating that the handle is securely attached.


Q1: Is it necessary to use the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner with this mop?

A1: While it is recommended to use the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner for optimal results, you can also use alternative hardwood floor cleaners as long as they are compatible with microfiber mops.

Q2: Can I adjust the height of the mop handle?

A2: Yes, the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop handle is adjustable. It can be extended or retracted according to your preferred height for comfortable cleaning.

II. Attaching and Using Microfiber Cleaning Pad:

Once you have assembled the mop base and handle, it is time to attach the microfiber cleaning pad. The microfiber pad is specially designed to trap and lift dirt, dust, and grime from your hardwood floors without leaving any residue.

1. Attaching the Microfiber Cleaning Pad:

Start by laying the microfiber cleaning pad flat on the floor with the white side facing up. Place the mop base on top of the pad, ensuring that the hook and loop strips on the mop base align with those on the pad. Press down firmly, securing the pad in place.

2. Using the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner:

Before using the mop, it is essential to prepare the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Fill a bucket or spray bottle with water and add the recommended amount of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner according to the instructions provided. Thoroughly mix the solution until it is well blended.

3. Wet Mopping:

To begin wet mopping your hardwood floors, dip the microfiber cleaning pad into the prepared Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner solution. Make sure not to oversaturate the pad as excessive moisture can damage your hardwood floors. Start mopping from one corner of the room, working your way towards an exit point.


Q1: How often should I replace the microfiber cleaning pad?

A1: The frequency of replacement depends on how often you use your Bona Hardwood Floor Mop and the condition of your floors. It is recommended to replace the cleaning pad when it becomes excessively soiled Or worn out. This ensures optimal cleaning performance and prevents any potential damage to your floors.

Q2: Can I use the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner on other types of flooring?

A2: The Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is specifically formulated for hardwood floors. It is not recommended for use on other types of flooring, such as laminate or tile. For those surfaces, it is best to use cleaners that are specifically designed for them to avoid any potential damage.

III. Cleaning and Maintaining the Mop:

After you have finished mopping your hardwood floors, it is important to clean and maintain the mop for long-lasting performance.

1. Removing the Microfiber Cleaning Pad:

To remove the microfiber cleaning pad, step on the mop base with one foot and lift the mop handle with your hands. This will release the hook and loop strips, allowing you to easily peel off the pad from the mop base.

2. Cleaning the Microfiber Cleaning Pad:

After removing the microfiber cleaning pad, rinse it thoroughly under warm water to remove any dirt or residue. You can also machine wash it using a mild detergent. Make sure to air dry the pad before reattaching it to the mop base.

3. Storing the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop:

When not in use, it is best to store the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop in a dry and upright position. This helps prevent any moisture buildup and extends the lifespan of both the mop and cleaning pad.


Q1: Can I use bleach or harsh chemicals with the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop?

A1: No, it is not recommended to use bleach or any harsh chemicals with the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. These substances can potentially damage both the mop and your hardwood floors. Stick to using the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or other compatible hardwood floor cleaners for safe and effective cleaning.

Q2: Can I use the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop on waxed or oiled hardwood floors?

A2: It is best to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific type of waxed or oiled hardwood floors. Some finishes may not be compatible with certain cleaning products or methods. If in doubt, it is always best to test a small inconspicuous area first before proceeding with full-scale cleaning.