Wood Flooring Fitting Kit

Hiring a professional to do the job is going to leave you with the perfect finish and might wind up saving you money, after all it would be a lot more expensive to attempt the job yourself, hire the devices, purchase the sand paper and finishing materials, only to therefore have to work with in the professionals to redesign the job afterward as you are unsatisfied with the finish.

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With antique plank flooring rated as the finest of all wood floors supplies nowadays, the patina of antique woods, reclaimed and also re introduced, offers warmth with a rich light which no other order is able to replicated as well as imitate. Wood is know giving a bit and can be easier on your legs and feet. There is in addition another type of wood floor under this group called the floating wood floor.

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Engineered wood flooring is a much better choice over a great, because its construction adds dimensional stability on the planks. Aged and distressed flooring is also an incredibly practical choice for both commercial properties and homes because it keeps looking good for longer. Simply having wood floors brings up the valuation of the home of yours. Wood floors are extremely sensitive to moisture.

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Wood Flooring Fitting Kit: The Ultimate Solution for a Seamless Installation


Installing wood flooring can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. However, with the Wood Flooring Fitting Kit, you can transform this challenging endeavor into a seamless and efficient process. This comprehensive kit provides all the necessary tools and accessories to ensure a professional finish that will stand the test of time. From essential tools to helpful accessories, let’s explore the various components of this kit in detail.

1. Essential Tools for Precise Installation:

The Wood Flooring Fitting Kit includes a range of essential tools that are specifically designed for wood flooring installation. These tools are crafted with precision and durability in mind, allowing you to achieve accurate results effortlessly.

a) Adjustable Pull Bar: This versatile tool is indispensable when it comes to fitting wood flooring tightly together. Its adjustable feature enables it to adapt to different board thicknesses, ensuring a secure fit without causing any damage to the material.

b) Tapping Block: A tapping block is an essential tool for ensuring seamless transitions between flooring planks. It helps to distribute force evenly during installation, preventing any gaps or unevenness between boards.

c) Hardwood Hammer: The hardwood hammer included in this kit is designed with a non-slip handle and a weighted head, allowing for optimal force distribution during installation. It provides excellent control and ensures that each plank is securely fastened.

d) Pull Bar with Angled Edge: This specialized pull bar with an angled edge offers enhanced versatility, particularly when working in tight spaces or near walls. It allows for easy insertion and removal of planks while providing optimal leverage during installation.

e) Spacers: The kit also includes spacers that play a crucial role in maintaining consistent spacing between boards. They help to create expansion gaps that allow the wood to naturally expand and contract with varying humidity levels, preventing buckling or warping over time.


Q1: Can I use the adjustable pull bar for different types of wood flooring?

A1: Yes, the adjustable pull bar in the Wood Flooring Fitting Kit is designed to accommodate various board thicknesses, making it suitable for most types of wood flooring.

Q2: How many spacers are included in the kit?

A2: The kit typically includes a set of 20 spacers, ensuring you have an ample supply to create consistent spacing throughout your installation.

2. Accessories for Enhanced Efficiency:

In addition to essential tools, the Wood Flooring Fitting Kit also offers a range of accessories that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your wood flooring installation project. These accessories are carefully selected to address common challenges faced during installation, providing innovative solutions that streamline the process.

a) Flooring Wedge: The inclusion of a flooring wedge in this kit allows for easy insertion and alignment of flooring planks, especially in tight spaces or near walls. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and minimizes strain on your hands during installation.

b) Floor Clamp: The floor clamp is an invaluable tool when it comes to securing boards in place. It facilitates precise alignment while preventing movement during installation, resulting in a seamless finish. The clamp’s adjustable feature accommodates varying board thicknesses, making it suitable for different wood flooring projects.

c) Laminate Floor Cutter: This specialized tool is designed specifically for cutting laminate flooring with precision and ease. With its sharp blade and sturdy construction, it enables clean and accurate cuts without causing any damage to the material. It is an essential tool for achieving professional-looking results and ensuring a seamless installation.

d) Tapping Block: The tapping block included in the kit is used to gently tap the edges of the planks during installation. It helps to ensure a tight fit and eliminates any gaps between boards, resulting in a smooth and cohesive appearance.

e) Protective Knee Pads: Installing wood flooring often involves kneeling or crouching for extended periods. To protect your knees from strain or injury, this kit includes a pair of protective knee pads. They provide cushioning and support, allowing you to work comfortably and safely.


Q1: Can I use the laminate floor cutter for other types of flooring?

A1: The laminate floor cutter is specifically designed for cutting laminate flooring and may not be suitable for other types of flooring materials. It is recommended to use appropriate tools for different flooring materials to ensure clean and accurate cuts.

Q2: Are the knee pads adjustable for different sizes?

A2: Yes, the knee pads included in the kit are adjustable and can be customized to fit different sizes. They provide a secure and comfortable fit for users of varying body types.

Overall, the Wood Flooring Fitting Kit offers a comprehensive range of tools and accessories that are designed to make your wood flooring installation project efficient, precise, and successful. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer, this kit provides everything you need to achieve a professional-looking finish.