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Hiring a professional to do the job is going to leave you with the best finish and might end up saving you money, after all it would be a great deal more costly to attempt the work yourself, hire the devices, purchase the sand paper as well as finishing components, only to then have to retain the services of in the professionals to redo the work after that since you are unsatisfied with the finish.

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The trend appears to be for homeowners to get wood flooring with a factory applied finish. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you might well enjoy setting up a reclaimed flooring on your to sell, as it no tougher to put in than a regular wood floor. Proper maintenance by the consumer is equally important. Wood flooring styles in addition depend on the kind of room. You may want to check out some samples before you're taking on a brand new wood flooring project.

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We personally do not look after prefinished flooring thanks to installation issues connected with it, for this reason our product usually requires site applied finish. Vinyl wood flooring surfaces fills the void in between the most affordable hardwood flooring and the need for cheap substitute flooring that is both cost effective, simple to install with rugged durability for effective families with small kids and animals.

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Wood Flooring for Pets: A Practical and Stylish Choice


Wood flooring has long been a popular choice among homeowners due to its timeless beauty and durability. However, many pet owners are hesitant to install wood floors, fearing that their furry friends will cause irreparable damage. In reality, with the right type of wood flooring and proper maintenance, it is possible to have a pet-friendly home without compromising on style or functionality. This article will delve into the various aspects of wood flooring for pets, addressing concerns and providing valuable insights for pet owners considering this option.

1. Types of Wood Flooring Suitable for Pets:

When selecting wood flooring for a pet-friendly home, it is crucial to choose a durable and scratch-resistant material. Some of the most suitable options include:

a) Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboo is an excellent choice for pet owners as it is exceptionally durable and resistant to scratches. It is also an eco-friendly option since bamboo grows rapidly and replenishes quickly.

b) Engineered Hardwood Flooring:

Engineered hardwood consists of multiple layers of wood bonded together, making it more resistant to moisture and changes in temperature compared to solid hardwood. This type of flooring offers greater stability, minimizing the risk of warping or cupping due to pet accidents.

c) Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring:

LVP flooring replicates the look of real wood while offering exceptional durability and resistance to scratches. It is also water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for households with pets prone to accidents.


Q: Will my pet’s claws scratch the wood flooring?

A: While pets’ claws can cause scratches on any type of flooring, certain wood species and finishes are more resistant to scratches than others. Choosing harder woods like bamboo or oak and opting for finishes with higher levels of hardness will help minimize scratches.

Q: Can I use solid hardwood flooring if I have pets?

A: Solid hardwood can be used in pet-friendly homes, but it may require more maintenance compared to other options. It is essential to ensure regular trimming of your pet’s nails and promptly clean up any accidents to prevent moisture damage.

2. Finishes and Treatments for Pet-Friendly Wood Flooring:

To enhance the durability of wood flooring in a pet-friendly environment, applying appropriate finishes and treatments is crucial. Here are some options:

a) Aluminum Oxide Finish:

An aluminum oxide finish provides excellent protection against scratches and wear, making it highly suitable for households with pets. This finish creates a hard surface layer that can withstand heavy foot traffic and the occasional claw marks.

b) Oil Finish:

An oil finish penetrates deep into the wood, enhancing its natural beauty while providing a protective layer. This finish is more susceptible to scratches but can be easily repaired by reapplying the oil. It is important to note that oil finishes require more regular maintenance compared to other options.


Q: How often do I need to refinish my wood flooring if I have pets?

A: The frequency of refinishing depends on various factors such as the type of wood, finish, and level of wear. On average, it is recommended to refinish wood flooring every 7-10 years in pet-friendly homes. However, it is always best to consult with professionals who can assess your specific situation.

Q: Can I apply a protective coating on my existing wood flooring?

A: Yes, there are several protective coatings available in the market that can be applied to existing wood flooring. These coatings provide an additional Layer of protection against scratches and wear, making them more pet-friendly. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult with professionals to ensure proper application and compatibility with your specific flooring. 3. Other Tips for Pet-Friendly Wood Flooring:

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when choosing and maintaining wood flooring in a pet-friendly home:

a) Choose a matte or low-gloss finish: These finishes are less likely to show scratches and wear compared to high-gloss finishes.

b) Keep your pet’s nails trimmed: Regularly trimming your pet’s nails can help minimize the risk of scratches on your wood flooring.

c) Place rugs or mats in high-traffic areas: Placing rugs or mats in areas where your pets frequently walk or play can provide an extra layer of protection for your wood flooring.

d) Clean up accidents promptly: Accidents happen, but it is important to clean up any pet messes promptly to prevent moisture damage to your wood flooring.

e) Use pet-friendly cleaning products: When cleaning your wood flooring, use products that are specifically designed for pets to avoid any potential harm.

f) Consider area rugs or carpet runners: If you have a particularly active pet or an area prone to scratches, consider using area rugs or carpet runners to protect your wood flooring.

Remember, while wood flooring can be a beautiful and durable option for pet-friendly homes, it does require some maintenance and care. By choosing the right type of wood, finishes, and following these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of wood flooring while keeping your pets happy and comfortable.